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Terex Explorer Series

All Terrain Crane solutions from Terex® offering the ultimate in comfort and control

The All Terrain crane Terex® Explorer Series is where power meets roadability. Designed for worldwide operation, these All Terrain Cranes can be adapted to fulfill the road service approval regulations of key markets for their capacity class.

The Explorer line of Terex® all terrain cranes incorporate a one-engine-concept allowing for reduced operational and maintenance cost. Possessing special technical sophistication, it includes a control system that automatically recognizes each demand and has an energy-saving start/stop function. Explorer All Terrain Cranes are equipped with the new 2850 mm carrier cab, which provides operators the ultimate in safety and ergonomics. With an intuitive control system and equipment layout, the Explorer Series makes crane operators' work environment less stressful so they can focus on the job at hand with maximum visibility.

Terex® Explorer 5500

The newest model in the series, the Explorer 5500 is more compact than any other in its 130 tonne capacity class. It can be used in a city environment as well as on a narrow construction site thanks to its steerable axles that provide good maneuverability in tight quarters. This crane can travel at highway speeds providing for swift transportation to and from job sites saving both time and money.

Terex Explorer 5500

  • 130 t (140 - US Tons) - Capacity Class
  • 60 m (197 ft) - Main Boom Length
  • 86,5 m (284 ft) - Max. System Length

Built for economic viability and low operating costs, crane components can be transported by a single standard support vehicle, and then readied for quick operation through the automatic counterweight setup system. The electronically controlled brake system makes for lower wear and maintenance is provided by easily accessible service points on the crane. Equipped with ergonomically designed and spacious cabs for comfortable operation, the Explorer 5500's carrier cab provides optimum visibility while the superstructure cab offers ample leg room. Both come with ergonomic seats and adjustable ventilation nozzles.

Terex® Explorer 5600

The Explorer 5600 was built to be steered throughout urban areas as well as navigated in congested construction sites. Its tight cornering and crab steer capabilities are due to all-axle steering. Highly productive, it offers among the strongest lift charts over the entire working range in this capacity class.

  • 160 t (180 - US Tons) - Capacity Class
  • 68 m (223.1 ft) - Main Boom Length
  • 95 m (311.7 ft) - Max. System Length

The little brother of the Terex 5800, the Explorer 5600 is easily configurable for all road regulations in key markets. It is the most compact in its 160 tonne capacity class and comes work-ready with an automatic counterweight rigging system. Its power management system allows for optimal performance and efficiency for all load cycles. The Explorer 5600 offers safer operation with multiple access and egress points in the upper structure, an outrigger base that provides stable operation when lifting heavy loads, and cameras that offers outstanding visibility.

Terex® Explorer 5800

The Explorer 5800 is strongest all terrain crane over the entire working range in its 220 tonne capacity class, with a system length of 102 m and a max load moment of 660 mt. It is designed for worldwide operation with solutions that make it simple to configure for all road requirements in key markets.

  • 220 t (245 - US Tons) - Capacity Class
  • 70 m (229.7 ft) - Main Boom Length
  • 102 m (334.6 ft) - Max. System Length

Also, the most compact crane in its class, the Terex®5800 increases productivity while offering safety and comfort. Disc brakes, ABS (Anti-lock brakes), exhaust brake and retarder, and dynamic launch control give the operator precise control in movement and acceleration. The camera system allows operators to keep an eye on pendulum load, hoist, and tail swing during equipment operation. The new 2850 mm carrier cab offers the ultimate in operator comfort with ergonomic seats and adjustment options.

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