Tadano AC 5.220-1

NewAll Terrain Cranes

Product Type All Terrain Cranes
Manufacturer Tadano
Location Houston, Texas
Model AC 5.220-1
Year of Manufacture 2024
Serial Number TBD
Tonnage Max Capacity Tons 250 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft) 223.0'
Maximum Tip Height (ft) 349.4'
Maximum Counterweight (lbs) 156,528 lbs.
Overall Length (ft) 49.8'
Width 9.8'
Height 13.0'
Engine Type Mercedes-Benz
Additional Information Arriving in 2024.

Coming to Scott-Macon Equipment in the Spring of 2024, the powerful Tadano AC 5.220-1 can accommodate extremely high holding loads even in an intermediate area. This 250 ton crane has a main boom length of 223′. Telescoping under load is possible up to 47.6t / 52.5 tons. It also boasts a lifting capacity up to 133t / 146.6 tons without auxiliary equipment. Remote control for the crane superstructure with a large display for relevant load data results in a high safety standard. Choose from five outrigger bases to match your site needs while taking advantage of technology that affords operation in inner cities and navigates strict environmental standards. Main boom disassembly allows drastic crane weight reduction, allowing for easier and cheaper logistics and transport.

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