Tadano GR-1000XLL-4

NewRough Terrain Cranes

Product Type Rough Terrain Cranes
Manufacturer Tadano
Location Houston, Texas
Model GR-1000XLL-4
Year of Manufacture 2023
Maximum Capacity 100 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft) 167.3'
Maximum Tip Height (ft) 224'
Maximum Jib Length (ft) 58.1'
Maximum Counterweight (lbs) 24,700 lbs.
Overall Length (ft) 49'9-7/8"
Carrier Length (ft) 597.8″
Engine Cummins B6.7
Tire or Track Tire
Maximum Travel Speed (mph) 22 mph
Drive Chain 4x4x4
Gross Vehicle Weight 123,500 lbs.
Maximum Lift Height (ft) 224.1

The 2023 Tadano GR-1000XLL-4 is a 100 ton rough terrain crane with a 167.3’ boom and 58.1’ jib. With the longest boom in the 100 ton class and a heavy counterweight, this advanced crane provides the best possible chart and radius in the smallest package. The Smart Counterweight system and redesigned cab offers its operator maximum control, allowing for one of the best operating experiences for cranes of its capacity. Another exciting feature is the Tadano View System, a winch drum monitoring camera that may be used while the crane is in operation.

Jib and Boom
The GR-1000XLL-4 has an impressive maximum boom length of 167.3 feet, while its maximum jib length comes out to 58.1 feet.

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