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Tadano ATF 600G-8

All Terrain Cranes


600 Tons. 8 Axles. No Boom Suspension. The facts speak for themselves.

You have to question the status quo to develop a new product. That is exactly what Tadano did to create a revolutionary new solution for our ATF 600G-8: the Triple-Boom System. Its very high degree of stiffness. means you don’t need a boom suspension system at all!

We used feedback from crane owners as the guiding principle for this extensive development project. The logistics and expense for transporting cranes were one particular problem the team looked to address, and eliminating a separate boom suspension was the answer. Since there is
no need to rig the suspension system separately, time on-site is reduced.

Customers will also appreciate that the ATF 600G-8 has a shorter tail swing radius than similarly sized competitive models. This opens up job sites that in the past might have been too tight for a large all-terrain crane to work. All of these advantages considerably increase the return on investment for the ATF 600G-8.

Product Type
All Terrain Cranes
ATF 600G-8
Serial Number
Maximum Capacity
660 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft)
Maximum System Length (ft)
Maximum Tip Height (ft)
Maximum Counter Weight (lb)
Overall Length (ft)
Carrier Length (ft)
Height (ft)
Width (ft)
Gross Vehicle Weight (lbs)
Turning Radius Over Cabin (ft)
Maximum Travel Speed (mph)
Maximum Gradeability (%)
Mercedes Benz, OM 473 LA, 626 HP (460 kW)
Number of Hoists
Tire Size
445/95 R 25 (16.00 R 25)
Additional Information
Crane Chart
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