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Tadano Mantis 9010

Hydraulic Crawler Cranes


The new Mantis 9010 combines the rugged dependability of its sister-machine, the job-proven Mantis 8012 with increased capacity and reach. Based upon performance-proven components and fabrications, the 9010 is assured of the same bullet-proof reputation of its peers. Rated at 45-ton (40-tonne) lifting capacity at a full 10ft (3m) radius, the Mantis 9010 is the envy of its imitators. For like all Mantis cranes, the 9010 is purpose-designed from the ground-up, not an assortment of pieces borrowed from other products. Like all Mantis cranes, the 9010 can pick-and-carry its entire load chart through 360'. It can even walk with 45-tons (40-tonnes) suspended when equipped with zero counterweight. And should narrow roadways demand lifting with tracks retracted for 11-12ft (3.35-3.66m) overall width, the 9010 can still walk with 75,000lbs (34-tonnes), swing it through 360' and deploy the full 105ft (32m) full power main boom. For its size and power, the Mantis 9010 has an extraordinarily low center of gravity with a minimum overhead clearance height of just 10ft (3.05m). And like all Mantis cranes, the 9010 doesn't depend upon massive counterweighting for its strength for big counterweights are a liability when climbing grades! The 9010 can walk with full boom and jib deployed, delivering an impressive 159ft (48.5m) maximum tip height. Such is the stability of the 9010 that it can operate with the fully telescoped main boom laid out completely horizontal!

Product Type
Hydraulic Crawler Cranes
Tadano Mantis
Serial Number
Maximum Capacity
40 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft)
Maximum Jib Length (ft)
Maximum Tip Height (ft)
Height (ft)
Overall Width (tracks extended)
Overall Width (tracks retracted)
Operating Weight
Overall Length (ft)
Counterweight (lb)
Travel Speed (mph)
Gradability (%)
Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 3
Number of Hoists
Tire Size
Additional Information
Crane Chart
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