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Hydraulic Crawler Crane Sales

We provide Hydraulic Crawler Cranes for sale designed for easy use at multiple job sites.

Scott-Macon Equipment Hydraulic Truck Cranes for sale

Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale

Truck cranes offer the benefit of traveling at highway speeds to maximize your time from jobsite to jobsite.

Scott-Macon Equipment is a Terex dealer for Telescopic Truck Cranes, offering models with capacities ranging from 40 tons to 80 tons capacity. Models are offered with manual or standard transmissions and have many more options to choose from.

Whether traveling all the way across Texas or around the corner to your next job, a telescopic truck crane will minimize your time between jobs.

Features of Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale:

  • Ability to travel highway speeds eliminates the need for transport trucks.
  • Able to quickly move from job to job which cuts down time dramatically.
  • Comfortable upper and lower cabs designed for operator comfort.
Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Documentation for our Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale:

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