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Pedestal Mounted Crane Sales

We provide Pedestal Mounted Cranes for sale designed for fixed and mobile applications.

Scott-Macon Equipment Pedestal Mounted Cranes for sale

Pedestal Mounted Cranes for Sale

Pedestal Mounted Hydraulically Powered Tele-Boom Cranes are increasingly being deployed as a lifting solution in many land (fixed) and marine (mobile) applications. Modern crane designs afford higher capacities, variable boom lengths and extended reach, improved reliability, increased operating efficiencies which result in reduced operating costs.

Pedestal mounted cranes in fixed installations are utilized in material handling applications replacing many older “wing wall” crane configurations while reducing the overall number of units required to service a particular facility. Pedestal mounts in mobile applications have become prominent in shipboard support of diving and rig maintenance activities, dredging, anchor and buoy tending in inter-coastal waters, pile-driving and related civil infrastructure activities as well.

For our pedestal mount applications, we are able to adapt and mount the superstructures of our hydraulic crawler cranes. The capacities of these cranes range from 30 ton to 120 ton capacities.

At Scott-Macon Equipment, we’re here to help and customize any and all pedestal mount set ups for you. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these types of cranes.

Features of Pedestal Mounted Cranes for Sale:

  • Great for land and marine applications.
  • Operating efficiency leads to reduced operating cost.
  • Replaces “Wing Wall” crane configurations.
Pedestal Mounted Cranes

Documentation for our Pedestal Mounted Cranes for Sale:

Pedestal Mounted Crane - Load Chart Pedestal Mounted Crane - Load Chart (134 KB)

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