Authorized American Crane Parts Dealer in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

As a Terex American parts dealer, Scott-Macon Equipment’s parts department has the full support and resources to American legacy parts.

Whether you are simply in need of everyday replacement parts such as filters, hoses, packing kits and sensors, or need a special order such as a boom section, Scott-Macon Equipment is ready to assist you in obtaining the right American part to solve your service needs.

Our American Parts and Service

We stock a full line of American parts at our parts facilities and can arrange for overnight delivery and special orders to be drop shipped to the location of your American equipment. Additionally, we offer a large inventory of parts for online ordering.

Our service centers have extensive American parts operations as well as additional service capabilities to handle the more complex, less frequent repairs to all American cranes and equipment. Our technicians offer services ranging from routine maintenance and accident repairs to reconditioning. Scott-Macon Equipment services American equipment out in the field as well as at all of our locations in Houston, Texas; Houma, Louisiana; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Corpus Christi, Texas; and Dallas, Texas.

Contact Our American Parts Department

Does your American crane need some special attention? Scott-Macon Equipment is here to help! Please email or call our parts department at 281-819-5907.