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Used All-Terrain Cranes

We provide pre-owned All-Terrain Cranes for sale designed with rugged terrains and project budget in mind.

Scott-Macon Equipment Boom Trucks for sale

Used All-Terrain Cranes

All-Terrain Cranes are versatile equipment that can be advantageous to any project. With the ability to be used on all types of terrain and in different weather conditions, they are ideal for a wide range of jobs.

These cranes have superior mobility in rough terrain and off-road situations while still maintaining the capability to move quickly on public roads and highways. With the added capacity to lift high loads, All-Terrain Cranes have numerous benefits that will make your next job easier.

Although brand new equipment is appealing, it may not always be necessary, or within the project budget. Pre-owned lifting equipment might be your best bet when it comes to adding an extra All-Terrain Crane to your fleet. They provide an array of advantages and benefits to help fulfill your project needs, while remaining within budget.

Scott-Macon Equipment is a distributor of Terex (legacy name DEMAG) All-Terrain Cranes ranging from 35 US tons to 1,320 US ton capacity.

Used All-Terrain Crane Features

  • Equipment familiarity
  • Reliable, proven performance
  • Upfront savings
  • Lasting crane value
  • Designed for a large variety of rugged terrains
  • Made to be highly configurable for diverse types of lifts
  • Wide range of capacities and configurations offered to handle many types of different jobs
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