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Used Hydraulic Crawler Cranes

We provide used Hydraulic Crawler designed for accessibility and mobility with project budget in mind.

Scott-Macon Equipment Hydraulic Crawler for sale

Used Hydraulic Crawler Cranes for sale

Hydraulic Crawler Cranes are a specialty crane featuring a hydraulicly-powered boom built over a crawler chassis.

Designed to get you closer to your loads, the crawler tracks provide the crane with greater traction in wet and muddy terrains. The versatile combination of a heavy duty telescopic boom with hydraulically extendable tracks negates the need for bulky outriggers. With the tracks retracted these cranes can easily be transported by truck over the road from job to job.

Although brand new equipment is appealing, it may not always be necessary, or within the project budget. Pre-owned lifting equipment might be your best bet when it comes to adding an extra Hydraulic Crawler Cranes to your fleet. They provide an array of advantages and benefits to help fulfill your project needs, while remaining within budget.

Scott-Macon Equipment is a Tadano Mantis dealer and offers the full line of 30 ton to 120 tons capacity Tadano/Mantis Hydraulic Crawler Cranes.

Features of used Hydraulic Crawler Cranes for sale:

  • Crawler chassis allows for safer operation in wet and muddy conditions.
  • Hydraulically extendable tracks eliminate the need for outriggers.
  • Retractable tracks allow for easy truck transportation from job to job.
  • With the wide variety of capacities that we offer, Scott-Macon Equipment can provide you with the crane that is right for you.
  • Equipment familiarity.
  • Reliable, proven performance.
  • Upfront savings.
  • Lasting crane value.
  • The small size of carry deck cranes makes it perfect for use in Industrial plants and refineries where maneuverability is key.
  • The carry deck design allows for tools and other items to be transported easily when working.
  • With a variety of different models and configurations, Scott-Macon Equipment can provide you with the right crane for your job.
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