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Used Industrial Cranes

We provide used Industrial Cranes designed for accessibility and mobility with project budget in mind.

Scott-Macon Equipment Industrial Cranes for sale

Used Industrial Cranes

Industrial Cranes provide easy and smooth operation for the operator. Widely used in plants and refineries, they are ideal for locations where accessibility and mobility are a primary concern. In addition, the “Carry Deck” design enables the crane to serve a dual purpose in transporting items at the site. Industrial Cranes reign supreme for those “hard to get into places”.

Most models are less than 8 feet wide and 8 feet in height. Industrial Cranes are small in size and big in features, typically ranging from 2.5 to 25 ton capacity and 15 feet to 64 feet in reach. Some models are offered with four-wheel steer and 4 wheel drive. Dual fuel or diesel power are available on most models as well.

Although brand new equipment is appealing, it may not always be necessary, or within the project budget. Pre-owned lifting equipment might be your best bet when it comes to adding an extra Industrial Crane to your fleet. They provide an array of advantages and benefits to help fulfill your project needs, while remaining within budget.

Scott-Macon Equipment is your dealer for Broderson Industrial Cranes.

Used Industrial Crane Features:

  • Equipment familiarity.
  • Reliable, proven performance.
  • Upfront savings.
  • Lasting crane value.
  • The small size of carry deck cranes makes it perfect for use in Industrial plants and refineries where maneuverability is key.
  • The carry deck design allows for tools and other items to be transported easily when working.
  • With a variety of different models and configurations, Scott-Macon Equipment can provide you with the right crane for your job.
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