Broderson IC-20-1K

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Product Type Industrial Cranes
Manufacturer Broderson
Location Houston, Texas
Model IC-20-1K
Year of Manufacture 2014
Maximum Capacity 2.5 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft) 15'
Maximum Tip Height (ft) 27'9"
Tire or Track Tire
Maximum Travel Speed (mph) 5.5 mph
Width 4'
Height 7'6"
Gross Vehicle Weight 6,380 lbs.
Crane Chart

Although it is Broderson’s smallest pick-and-carry crane, the IC-20 is an industry leader because of its easy to use controls and efficient operation.

As previously stated, the IC-20 is the smallest pick-and-carry crane from Broderson with a total lifting capacity of 2.5 tons. This crane, although small in both size and capacity in comparison to many others, has many of the same attributes and features that many of its larger counterparts have. This is a large contributing factor to its popularity. One of its key standard features include three hydraulic, independently controlled outriggers, which allow for a precise deployment as well as leaving behind a small footprint. Two other features include its Kubota D1803 1.8L diesel engine as well as its Rated Capacity Limiter, which warns the operator of a potential overload by using both audio and visual signals and stopping all boom functions.

Jib and Boom
The IC-20’s main boom length is 15’, with its pin-on jib being at 7’. With the boom extension, its maximum horizontal reach is set at 22’. If you are interested in receiving more information or an official Scott-Macon Equipment quote, contact us today.

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