A variety of LUBE-A-BOOM lubrication products are available from the Scott-Macon Equipment Parts Department.


LUBE-A-BOOM® Lubricants

Lubricant science has continued to advance in pace with the evolution of modern machinery. Today’s machines are subject to more extreme conditions than ever including higher temperatures, more severe pressures, increased demand for productivity, and low tolerance for downtime.

LUBE-A-BOOM lubricants have been formulated and developed with advanced lubrication knowledge to keep pace with modern machinery.  These lubricants are based on calcium sulfonate—an incredibly robust base for lubricants—and have shown superior mechanical and shear stability, which is demonstrated in the field by less leakage and run-out. Its dropping point and high-temperature rating also make LUBE-A-BOOM greases more effective at higher temperatures and pressures than competing lubricants.

In addition, calcium-sulfonate gives the LUBE-A-BOOM Family of Products inherently better properties for:

  • Performance under extreme pressures
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Built-in rust prevention

LUBE-A-BOOM keeps your equipment running smoother, safer, and longer with our exclusive formulations of specialized lubricants. Proven and trusted by OEMs, equipment owners, service techs and operators alike, the LUBE-A-BOOM “slicker” solution means:

  • Reduced chance of boom chatter
  • Increased wear pad life
  • Improved control and safety
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and rust
  • Extended lubrication intervals

The Original LUBE-A-BOOM Grease formula was created especially for the lift industry. Our advanced friction-reducing lubricants include synthetic thickener and PTFE for unsurpassed performance on telescoping boom cranes, aerial lifts, telehandlers, forklifts and much more.

LUBE-A-BOOM aerosols and liquids use this same effective formula, adapted to allow easier application for tricky service areas including chains, cables, and hard-to-reach bearing surfaces.

These products are made in the USA.  Try LUBE-A-BOOM and experience the difference.

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LUBE-A-BOOM lubricants are available for sale from the Scott-Macon Equipment Parts Department. Our parts personnel are available to assist you by phone at 713-721-7070 or email at [email protected] as well as in person for your parts requirements.

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