Broderson IC-80-3L Industrial Cranes

Product Type Industrial Cranes
Manufacturer Broderson
Condition Rent
Model IC-80-3L
Year of Manufacture 2020
Maximum Capacity 9 tons
Maximum Boom Length (ft) 30'
Maximum Tip Height (ft) 46'
Tire or Track Tire
Width 6'6"
Height 7'3"
Gross Vehicle Weight 16,750 lbs.
Max Sheave Height 46'8"
Crane Chart

Widely considered to be the most popular pick-and-carry crane in the industry, Broderson’s IC-80 is highly adaptable and ideal for lifting in tight spaces.

The IC-80 is a 9-ton capacity industrial carry deck crane. Ideal for lifting in tight fits because of its more narrow and lower profile design, its self-loading carry deck provides practical load-carrying capability. The IC-80 also comes equipped with four hydraulic, independently controlled outriggers, which makes for a more safe and exact operation.

Boom and Jib
The IC-80’s main boom length is 30’ with a 10′ jib.

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