Scott-Macon expands fleet with four Tadano telecrawlers

14-May-2019 Go Back

At Bauma 2019 in Munich, Scott-Macon Equipment purchased four new Tadano Mantis tele-boom crawler cranes. Its fleet will be stronger than ever with two new GTC-800s, a GTC-600 and a GTC-350.

The GTC-800 has an 88-ton capacity and features a five-section, 141.1-foot boom and a bi-fold, 58.1-foot jib. The GTC-600 has a 66-ton pick-and-carry capacity with a four-section, 118.1-foot boom and a bi-fold, 58.1-foot jib. Meanwhile, the GTC-350 features a 35-ton pick-and-carry capacity with a three-section, 89.3-foot boom and an extendable, 42-foot jib. 

All three models have the Tadano AML-C LMI system and Tadano’s Opti-Width system that allows for better lifting performance in narrow tracks. They also offer HelloNet Telemantics, and the GTC-800 and GTC-600 have self erecting cranes.

“We have purchased a number of the GTC-800s in the recent past and have been very happy with this newly designed GTC version of the Tadano Mantis crane,” said Scott-Macon Equipment managing director Alexander Scott, quoted in Cranes Today. “We are pleased to see this new design extended to the other cranes in the Mantis lineup and are looking forward to putting these additional cranes into our marketplace.”