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Tadano Mantis Cranes

Authorized Tadano Mantis Crane Dealer in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana

Tadano Mantis

Scott-Macon Equipment was one of the first dealers of the Tadano Mantis product line and led the way for the product’s wide acceptance in lifting applications in the Gulf Coast. Mantis crawler cranes are enjoying success throughout the world with general construction companies, foundation contractors, tunneling and highway constructors, crane rental companies, railroads, research agencies, as well pipeline, oil field and power line contractors.

Our Tadano Mantis Crane Equipment

Scott-Macon Equipment is an authorized Tadano Mantis dealer and Tadano Mantis parts dealer. We offer Tadano Mantis hydraulic crawler cranes in Texas and Oklahoma, and are an authorized dealer of pedestal mount cranes in Louisiana. In addition, Scott-Macon Equipment is an authorized dealer of Tadano cranes in San Antonio.

Tadano Mantis Cranes Available:

Tadano Mantis Parts

Scott-Macon Equipment is a Tadano Mantis parts dealer in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our Parts Department has the full support and resources of Tadano Mantis Parts Center in meeting your parts needs. We carry everyday replacement parts such as filters, hoses, packing kits or sensors, as well as parts for special orders, such as a boom section. Our full line of Tadano Mantis Parts is stocked at our parts facilities, and we can arrange for overnight delivery and special orders to be drop shipped to the location of your equipment.

Tadano Mantis Crane Service

Scott-Macon Equipment services Tadano Mantis equipment out in the field and at all of our locations in Houston, TX; Houma, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Lake Charles, LA; Tulsa, OK; Corpus Christi, TX; San Antonio, TX; Dallas, TX; and Big Springs, TX. In addition, our Service Centers have extensive Tadano Mantis parts operations, as well as additional service capabilities to handle the more complex, less frequent repairs to all Tadano Mantis cranes and equipment.

Scott Macon Difference

Scott-Macon Difference

Scott-Macon Equipment provides exceptional crane repair service and product support to our customers. Learn more about the Scott-Macon difference in our "When Service Matters" case study.

"When Service Matters" Case StudyServices

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